Black History Month Experience

January 31, 2022

Black History Month celebrates the achievements of African Americans each year and is a time to recognize their vital role in American history. It pays tribute to all Black people in the United States, from the earliest enslaved individuals through today's African Americans.

Nowadays, Black History Month continues the conversation about African Americans and their accomplishments through activities such as events, exhibits and film screenings, as well as encouraging the year-round study of African American culture and achievements.

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Where to Go on a Black History Month

Let’s begin with an introduction to the Black history and legacy by visiting Bessie Smith Cultural Center – a place, where African American History and Culture is being preserved and celebrated through art, education, research, and entertainment. Here you can learn about the Black history of Chattanooga and its famous residents.

Continue exploring the city with Chattanooga Segway and Bike Tours. This will give you an opportunity to explore Chattanooga in a fun way – on a segway or a bike. They also provide engaging history walking tours.

Also, come see murals near Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard created by community art projects and organizations in Chattanooga. “The Soul Of MLK” murals were created as a visual depiction of the past, present and future vision for Chattanooga and a tribute to the rich African-American culture.

Your next stop might be Keeody Gallery. It openly offers art, love and soul to the public in the form of inspired and original mixed-media compositions.

The Chattery – a nonprofit organization that believes in enjoyable adult education by providing fun, affordable and accessible classes and workshops for our community.

Chattanooga African American Museum (Bessie Smith)


Segway Tours


Black Owned Businesses we are Proud to Have in Chattanooga

Don’t know where to hold the next family or friends gathering? Want to enjoy some soul food? Check the list of local black-owned cafes and restaurants below to have a great time, taste delicious food, and support local businesses.

Together Cafe – a coffeeshop with heavenly coffee, exceptional customer service, and a great social mission to help restore survivors and victims of human and sex trafficking.

Mad Priest Coffee Roasters – a small-batch specialty coffee roasting company with unconventional, creative, sacred coffee choice + a social enterprise with the mission to “Craft excellent coffee. Educate the curious. Champion the displaced.”

Lil Mama’s Chicago Style Hoagy – the newest hoagy shop, full of spunk, flavor and 90s nostalgia.

Neutral Ground – a modern New Orleans style Po-Boy and Yakamein restaurant.

Plant Power Cafe & Juice Bar – one of Chattanooga's best-rated vegan cafes.

Chatt Smoke House – here you can taste one of the best barbecues in Chattanooga; the meat is slow-cooked daily using charcoal and hickory wood.

Chatt Taste – Chattanooga’s Culinary Renaissance, an immersive experience that allows guests to visit multiple restaurants in one evening and explore the gastronomic side of the city.

Chatterbox Cafe – from brisket to ribs to chicken wings, everything is cooked low and slow to tender, seasoned perfection.

Blue Orleans – a place where every bite and every detail brings you back to the Big Easy, so come experience the taste of New Orleans

There's nothing fancy about C&W Cafe, a red brick building, but this family-owned business is where the magic happens at mealtime six days a week, drawing hundreds of customers for good times and captivating home-cooked soul food.

The Flaming Rooster – participate in Oh Hale Naw Challenge to become flamous. Eat 6 spicy wings in 5 min or less to get on the wall of flame as well as a Free T-Shirt.

Chattanooga Cigar Club – is Chattanooga’s premier cigar and cocktail lounge with a wide selection of hand-rolled cigars from around the world and speakeasy-style craft cocktails with a modern flair.

Uncle Larry's Restaurant – a family-owned restaurant with a down-home fish fry environment.

Memo's Grill – an old school classic BBQ with famous wiener plates.

Allgood's Used Books and Coffee – used books retailer, coffee shop and café with cozy atmosphere.

Mad Priest Coffee Roasters – Southside

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Let’s Celebrate Each Other!

Let’s all celebrate empathy, humanity, and stronger community ties that intercultural education brings to all of us 🤝🏽

Celebrating and observing this month is the way of conveying our respect to the African-Americans community of Chattanooga.

Make sure to check the Current Experiences page often to be in the loop on the most delightful events happening this month (Black History Month’s events included).

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