Ice Cream Shops for the Summer

July 6, 2022

Ice cream, gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt… There are many different forms of refreshing creamy goodness you can try this National Ice Cream Month to escape the heat. The following is the list of ice cream shops selected in Chattanooga by our editor.

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The Ice Cream Show features custom blended ice cream and the smoothest gourmet coffees. They use Mayfield Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream as a base. Then they let you create your personal flavor by selecting from the list of over 40 fresh ingredients from fruits to chunks of Chocolate Chip cookie dough.

Pinkberry is a tart frozen yogurt brand from Los Angeles. They create distinctive products by selecting and combining fresh ingredients so they taste as good as they are for you. That’s why their yogurt is made with real milk and real yogurt.

Each batch of Clumpies Ice Cream is made by hand with only the finest ingredients that can be found. They keep their Classic Flavors on the menu year-round, a set of tried and true Clumpies originals. Throughout the year, they work tirelessly to develop new and exciting flavors that rotate on and off the menu.

Ben & Jerry'scover their bases with good old chocolate and award-winning vanilla, but then go so much further, with more than 60 flavors to satisfy every bowl out there. Go ahead, give it a swirl…

Milk & Honey is where pure gelato, craft coffee and fresh fruit popsicles are made daily – with honor and respect for each ingredient and the people who helped them grow. It is a locally owned and operated counter service restaurant.

For more than 30 years Cold Stone Creamery® Chattanooga, TN has been serving up the finest, freshest Ice Cream Creations™, Cakes, Shakes and Smoothies. They use only the highest quality ingredients and mix your custom Ice Cream Creation on our frozen granite stone. You can also create ice cream cookie sandwiches or ice cream cupcakes there.

The finest ingredients, made fresh to order. Whether you come alone with your laptop or bring a crowd, everyone will enjoy this tasty destination and its unique atmosphere.

  • 8⁰F Ice Cream

At  8⁰F Ice Cream, they make fresh Ice Cream right in front of you with new cream made every day. The cream is made with all-natural ingredients. You also get to pick up to 3 toppings to make your perfect Hand Made, Fresh and Unique Ice cream.

  • Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

Bruster’s scoops over 24 ever-changing flavors made fresh in their ice cream shops daily. They have 150 recipes in rotation all made with premium ingredients.

  • Frios Pops

With amazing ice pop flavors and a cozy atmosphere, Frios Pops in Chattanooga, Tennessee is the perfect locally owned spot for the best ice pops one can get their hands on. They have a wide variety of flavors – from fruit-based ice pops (all gluten-free and vegan) to decadent cream-based ice pops, to even a pickle pop.

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Adelle's Ice Cream Creperie

Clumpies – Northshore

Clumpies – Southside

Clumpies – St. Elmo

Cold Stone Creamery

The Ice Cream Show

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Put your trust in ice cream

There are so many options and combinations of flavors, so there is definitely something for your taste. And remember, “An ice cream a day keeps all the tensions away!”

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